Ivory Online



The Universe of Metis, like its counterparts, is based on the design of Homados. The Goddess of Metis, Vena decides to find her own spot of amusement; a battle royale of top players from various game genres all smashed into one world: The Realm.

Jax Dwams is the undisputed Master Hand of Ivory Online, the world’s leading MMO title. Ivory Online attained greatness for one reason: It’s merging of RTS – Real Time Strategy – elements with RPG – Role Playing Game – mechanics, creating a world class hybrid.

Jax is invited to this battle royale, unaware he’s being drawn into something he had no understanding of. Now the Lord of a fledgling Kingdom as well as a frontline vanguard, he must cycle between exploring the vastness of the realm and protect his town from its growing enemies.

Unfortunately for Jax, Vena demands more than just survival. She demands entertainment.


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