ADV Tale

An Adventurer’s Tale is a raunchy comedy on par with Analistica Academy, but with a more medieval twist. With progressive battle mechanics stemming from a niche but easygoing RPG system, ADV tale takes inspiration from the popular Rance games, bringing us good comedy, gameplay and sex.

After leaving his home in the capital city in the Kingdom of Gronia, Garth the Hero wanders along the countryside seeking fame, glory and his next misadventure.

Traveling through the countryside sees him in various escapades, some as mild as fleeing the City Guard while half-naked for rutting the Lord’s Daughter on her balcony as well as the more serious bouts with monsters and undead.

In the small, outlying region of Garasia, he finds something that could satisfy his thirst for adventure, recognition and beautiful women: A Lich King!

Born once a millennia, these supernatural powerhouses are feared by all things living… and dead. They also happen to possess an allure that no man can resist.

Gearing up to take the threat down, Garth realizes his world was about to turn inside out when he confronts the current Lich King, Grisette, a woman he had thought of every day since that fateful day years ago….

Genres: Action, Adventure, Psychological, Mature, Comedy.

Length: 10+ hours


Kotario (me) – Lead dev and main writer

Crysetbase – BGM composer

Azalanz – Character art

Vui Huynh – Background art

Joe “Bonesy” – Programmer/Marketer/PR/Publishing

Wintermochie – Graphic Designer/Interface artist