The Titular Project of Epic Works, Episicava is a large-scale action/adventure visual novel series inspired by series like Fate, Tokyo Babel, and more.


Fifty years ago, the face of the Earth was permanently changed when it came into contact with a mysterious force known as the “Alpha Nebula.” As a result, humans developed various supernatural abilities and divided themselves based on those traits.

The main factions include: The Tonitrui, the Excedente, the Praecantator, the Permuto, and the Northmanni. Each has their own unique set of abilities that came with the collision – with the exception of the Northmanni, who remain largely unchanged.

Among these races, however, existed a special group of people who managed to retain all the other races’ abilities. They were a very powerful – but small and isolated group – known as “Emulators.”

Arin Arlento was one of these people, living in a remote village with his grandfather and other members of their race; everything was peaceful until the Northmanni Empire massacred the Emulators and kidnapped his childhood friend, Aria.

The only other survivor, Arin escaped into the Northmanni’s home continent of Rakos, hiding and plotting his revenge – that is, until he found out that Aria was still alive and was being experimented on.

Loathing the world that took everything away from him, Arin begins his quest to retrieve his friend and exact retribution on those who destroyed all that he held dear.

It’s one misguided man against the world…

Genres: Action, Adventure, War, Psychological, Tragedy and Battle of Wits.
Length: 5-10+ hours of gameplay































Kotario (me) – Lead dev and main writer

Snailmusk – Assistant dev and Alacria route writer. Editor.

Tristan Hallihan (Cipher) – Aniam route writer and editor.

Tim Reichert – BGM composer.

Nathan Cleary – Composer/Sound designer

Leo Flores – Original concept artist and original character design

Zhao (TH3PR0PHECY) – Sprite artist

Hanh Chu – Event CG artist

Kertasu – Hentai CG artist

Vincy – Battle CG artist

Alais Legrand – Backgrounds Artist

Joe “Bonesy” – Programmer/Marketer/PR/Publishing

Valhalla – Graphic Designer/Interface artist